first_imgMany Costa Ricans were distraught last week after the country’s national space hero cancelled his firm’s renewable energy deal with the government over what Franklin Chang Díaz said were frustrating and costly delays.“Too long a wait and no action,” said Chang, who made seven space shuttle missions before retiring from NASA in 2005 to start his own aerospace company. Chang spoke with The Tico Times by telephone on March 6 from his company’s Guanacaste headquarters.The Costa Rica subsidiary of Chang’s firm, Ad Astra Rocket Co., has been working with the country’s state-owned Petroleum Refinery (RECOPE) since 2011 to produce and store hydrogen capable of powering the country’s vehicle fleet — with zero emissions.Chang said he’s been waiting for the past seven months for RECOPE to sign off on the project’s final stage: developing a hydrogen pump, like the kind drivers use to fill their cars at gas stations; and testing the whole system out on a demonstration vehicle.“Keeping the project alive costs money,” Chang said. “And who’s paying for that? We are.”Chang said he sent an ultimatum in February — asking RECOPE to sign an immediate letter of intent, seal the deal before May 31 and pay $11,000 in back costs — and got no response. Last week, he threw in the towel.“We basically said enough is enough,” Chang said, adding that he’s currently searching for alternative funders, possibly another Central American country.Hydrogen-powered dreamNASA has used liquid hydrogen to blast its rockets into space since the 1970s. Burning hydrogen in an engine yields no carbon emissions.Developing hydrogen gas as a fuel source for vehicles has long been a dream of renewable energy firms and governments — especially those, like Costa Rica, that are highly-dependent on imported fossil fuels. Cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells are quick to fill up and can travel much longer distances than battery-powered cars.But building a hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet has been hampered by the expense of generating, storing and shipping the gas, and the difficulty of creating the infraestructure to support its widespread use. Some experts feel there are much better options for reducing emissions from cars.Still, many are betting on hydrogen’s future. The U.S. state of Hawaii, which depends on imported petroleum for 90 percent of its energy needs, has committed to developing a hydrogen-based vehicle fleet, though progress has been slower than originally hoped.California is also pushing hydrogen as a clean energy source for the road, by offering subsidies to carmakers and consumers, and to private companies to build hydrogen fueling stations.Major carmakers have been ramping up development and production of models that run on hydrogen fuel cell in recent years.See a video on hydrogen fuel development (sponsored by Toyota): Related posts:Costa Rica’s renewable energy streak is still going, but what does that really mean? A Paris climate change talks primer for Costa Rica Mexico to spend $23 billion to cut greenhouse gases Astronaut Franklin Chang’s Ad Astra to develop hydrogen-fueled transportation in Guanacaste Chang sees hydrogen fuel as the perfect fit for Costa Rica’s small size and its car-loving population.“We have a huge motorized fleet for the size of the country,” he said. “Costa Ricans tend to like big vehicles, so we have a huge job ahead of us to become carbon neutral by 2021, and there’s no real plan, as far as I can see, to accomplish that goal.”Ad Astra Rocket uses wind and solar power to produce hydrogen from the electrolysis of water. When used in a car, Chang explained, “out the tailpipe comes water vapor. Zero pollution. It’s beautiful stuff.”Committed to Costa RicaChang sounds slightly heartbroken when he talks about his company’s breakup with RECOPE.“Being from Costa Rica, my heart is here. I want this country to do this. It’s the right thing to do. It’s exactly what the country needs,” Chang said.But “as the head of a company, I need to be looking strategically which way we’re going to move on this.”After news spread of the breakup, RECOPE circulated a statement emphasizing that the decision was made unilaterally by Ad Astra Rocket.In the statement, and in subsequent media interviews, RECOPE representatives have said they’re waiting for the Government Attorney’s Office to determine whether the state-owned refinery is legally allowed to get involved in energy projects beyond petroleum and petroleum derivatives. (Chang points out that hydrogen is a petroleum derivative, though his company produces hydrogen from renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.)RECOPE’s statement said that its president, Sara Salazar Badilla, considered the state-owned refinery’s role in helping the Costa Rican government achieve its energy goals “extremely important.” Last year President Luis Guillermo Solís reaffirmed the country’s pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2021.RECOPE said it’s willing to continue the project with Ad Astra Rocket but needs to hear from the Government Attorney’s Office first. Franklin Chang Díaz poses with President Luis Guillermo Solís, May 20, 2014. (Courtesy of Casa Presidencial)Chang wrote off the refinery’s legal concerns as “very silly.” He speculated that the new RECOPE board of directors, which was seated last year when President Solís took office, didn’t know enough about the project and was scared to make mistakes.Chang said Solís has been very supportive of the project, despite the president’s public silence on the recent impasse.Following the breakup, former Environment Minister René Castro (2011-2014), who helped broker the original deal with Chang’s firm, took to Facebook to rail against the state-owned oil company for its failure to explore alternative fuels, especially biofuels.“Does RECOPE want to commit suicide?” he began in a March 5 post.“The production of biofuels hasn’t been taken seriously by RECOPE,” Castro wrote. “Rather, there’s been serious opposition from some unions and professional groups, who have continuously boycotted the plan.”Castro noted that incorporating biofuels into Costa Rica’s energy mix has been part of the country’s National Development Plan since 2006.Though the government has initiated some alternative fuel pilot projects, they have thus far had minimal impact, by the government’s own admission.Castro wrote in his Facebook post: “Over and over again, attempts to get [biofuels] to 5 percent of [energy] consumption have been postponed. … Now it’s hydrogen’s turn,” he wrote, referring to the Ad Astro Rocket-RECOPE breakup.Despite the fizzling of Ad Astro Rocket’s principal project with the Costa Rican government, Chang said he has no intention of moving his firm out of the country.“There is no reason why we cannot do rocket research here in Guanacaste,” Chang said, adding that his decision 10 years ago to put a piece of his company in Costa Rica has been a good one.He said his offer to work with RECOPE still stands, if the refinery puts forth a letter of intent to continue with the project.“I’m not going to give up on the government yet,” he said. “Costa Ricans have a way of coming out from behind,” Chang said, setting up for the inevitable World Cup reference.“I still have a lot of hope that in the end, they will score the goals that are needed to win the Cup. I’m just saying that anything’s possible, that’s one of the beauties of this country,” Chang said. “Sometimes reason does prevail.”Still, Chang said, he also has a company to run. “And I can’t just be sitting here waiting for a miracle.”In the meantime, legislators are trying to resolve the impasse by proposing a change to RECOPE’s law. The proposed amendment would make it clear that the traditionally oil-based institution can explore cleaner energy sources. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_imgRABAT, Morocco (AP) – Morocco on Thursday announced a government reshuffle on the eve parliament’s reopening that sees the Islamists giving up the key foreign affairs portfolio to a party known for its close ties to the palace.The new government, which keeps the leader of the moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party Abdelilah Benkirane as prime minister, ends months of haggling and negotiating that at one point looked like it would result in new elections after a coalition partner pulled out over reductions in government subsidies for gasoline and diesel fuel. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The Islamists rode a wave of Arab Spring-inspired, pro-democracy protests to power in 2011, promising political reform and to fight corruption. Their reformist agenda has had to contend with a fractious coalition and the entrenched powers of the country’s hereditary king and court.Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, however, Morocco’s Islamists have shown themselves able to work with the establishment and when the right-wing Istiqlal Party pulled out of the coalition they brought in the National Rally for Independents _ a modernist party close to the palace.Its leader, Salaheddine Mezouar, a former finance minister, was a bitter rival of the Islamists in the election and later was investigated by them for illegally paying himself bonuses.He will now be Morocco’s new foreign minister.The previous foreign minister differed with the palace on certain issues, including the coup in Egypt, which King Mohammed VI and his allies in the Gulf supported but Morocco’s Islamists did not.The PJD, as the Islamists are known, have similar views on the economy, but having a party close to the palace in the government is expected to tarnish the Islamists’ reformist credentials. Comments   Share   3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Four benefits of having a wireless security system Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “The PJD won the 2011 elections because they offered an alternative to a (pro-palace) alliance of eight parties led by Mezouar, and now he’s part of the same government and that will doubtlessly hurt the PJD’s credibility,” said Ahmed El Bouz, a political analyst.The Cabinet, which has grown from 31 to 39 positions, includes six women, a major increase over just one in the previous government.Technocrats also have taken over key positions that once were held by party members. Rachid Belmokhtar is now minister of the economy and Mohammed Hassad is interior minister.______Associated Press reporter Smail Bellaoualli contributed to this report.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories How men can have a healthy 2019 New Valley school lets students pick career-path academieslast_img read more

first_imgBy Kentaro Iemoto from Tokyo, Japan (Xiamen Airlines B737-800(B-5386)) via Wikimedia CommonsNSW is the first state in Australia to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chinese carrier Xiamen Airlines to attract even more visitors from China.The NSW Government, through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW has signed the MOU with Xiamen Airlines, with an investment and marketing partnership to promote travel to Sydney and NSW ahead of the launch of new direct services from China to Sydney on November 29.Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said the NSW Government continues to drive visitation from China to Sydney and the regions.“I’m delighted we have signed this MOU to jointly market flights from China to our fantastic state, perfectly timed to enjoy the summer months,” Mr Ayres said.“China is the largest inbound tourism market in NSW with 526,000 Chinese visitors last financial year – an increase of 24 per cent on the previous year.”These visitors spent almost $2 billion in NSW, and we are looking forward to the first Xiamen Airlines flights arriving in Sydney in coming weeks.Destination NSW Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Chipchase said the MOU was a result of the relationship NSW had developed with the airline and key industry partners in China.“We are delighted Xiamen Airlines will begin flights between Xiamen and Fuzhou in China to Sydney, bringing more visitors to the State and generating a further $133 million each year,” Ms Chipchase said.“Destination NSW will continue to develop this strong partnership with Xiamen Airlines which will include co-operative marketing, travel trade education and training, media and trade visits.”Xiamen Airlines Executive Vice President, Zhao Dong said: “Our partnership with the NSW Government, through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW will ensure we give our customers from China the opportunity to experience the many delights of Sydney and NSW.”The five new weekly flights comprise three flights each week from Fuzhou, and two weekly flights from Xiamen. Both cities are in Fujian Province, which has a population of 38 million. Fly Xiamen AirlinesSource = Destination NSWlast_img read more

first_img by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 11, 2018 9:54 am PDT Last Updated Apr 11, 2018 at 10:41 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LANGLEY, B.C. – A father is calling on theatres to ensure that family-friendly movies are not spoiled before they start after an uncomfortable outing with his daughter prompted Cineplex to pull a trailer from certain screenings in British Columbia.Mike Mitchell said he and his wife took their nine-year-old daughter to a Cineplex theatre in Langley, B.C., last weekend to see “The Miracle Season,” a Vancouver-shot drama about a girls’ volleyball team that bands together in the face of adversity.But before the feel-good flick could get underway, a preview for an upcoming film starring Amy Schumer left the parents feeling horrified, said Mitchell.His jaw dropped as his daughter watched an unclothed Schumer seducing a potential beau in the trailer for “I Feel Pretty.” The comedy is about an insecure woman, who after suffering a head injury, believes she has been transformed into a would-be model.The trailer also shows Schumer shimmying on stage as she partakes in a wet T-shirt contest.Mitchell said he felt the preview was too explicit for the girl-powered volleyball movie’s young target audience. He was equally troubled by what he perceived to be the “I Feel Pretty” trailer’s subtext — that a woman’s self-worth is determined by her body image and sex appeal.“Anxiety, body awareness – these are very, very tender and current issues among teenage and tween-age girls exposed to this,” he said.“What I saw, through a child’s mind, is, ‘If I get naked, I get accepted.’”Cineplex responded to Mitchell’s concerns by removing the “I Feel Pretty” trailer from the lineup for the G-rated “The Miracle Season” at the seven B.C. theatres screening the movie.“We’re in the business of entertaining our guests, and if they found it made them uncomfortable, then we wanted to respect that feedback in that one particular market,” Cineplex spokesperson Sarah Van Lange said. “If others are upset or had concerns with it, we’re happy to listen to that feedback.”Of the three or four trailers that are shown before a movie, Van Lange said Cineplex selects roughly half of the movies being previewed, while the rest are recommended by the film’s distributor. She could not immediately say who made the call to show the “I Feel Pretty” trailer at Mitchell’s screening.Trailer lineups at Cineplex screenings can vary from theatre to theatre, she said. The company considers a variety of factors such as a film’s genre, target audience and ratings to select previews that jive with the feature film, Van Lange said, but trailer curation is “not an exact science.”“I Feel Pretty” has been designated a PG-rated feature film, according to Consumer Protection BC. The provincial regulator has assigned the movie’s trailer its broadest rating, meaning it can be screened ahead of G- and PG-rated films.The consumer watchdog’s director of motion picture classification said it only receives public complaints about trailers once every two or three years.“This is a really isolated incident, but it’s something we do take seriously,” Steve Pelton said, adding that his team will take a “second look” at the ratings for the “I Feel Pretty” trailer.While Mitchell is pleased that Cineplex has taken action, he said the entertainment company needs to do more to address the corporate culture that would allow such a “big fail” to happen.As a remedy, he proposed that theatres only screen trailers for movies that have the same rating as the feature film they paid to see.“I took my child to a children’s film, and was shown an adult trailer,” he said. “I want to be given the choice.”Mitchell insists that he is not a “prude.” It’s not just nudity and sexual innuendo he’s concerned about, but how his daughter is processing these subjects he feels are beyond her years.In the “I Feel Pretty” trailer, Schumer tries to entice a male suitor by showing off her naked body as a “sneak peak of what’s to come.”Mitchell said he wants his daughter to know that her body is hers to protect, love and nourish – not be offered as a “reward.”“I don’t want her to start thinking that to please men, she must show her body,” said Mitchell. “This really flew in the face of positive growth in a child, and it’s got to stop.”While he recognizes the feature-length film might be more nuanced than a minutes-long sizzle reel of the film’s “naughty bits,” Mitchell said he does not think his preteen daughter is in a position to make that distinction.Raising kids in the digital age, Mitchell said it has become increasingly hard for parents to filter out inappropriate content, but that won’t stop him from trying to protect his child “one little step at a time.”“I’m the guardian of a really bright, young kid that I want to be raised as a person, not a gender,” he said. “I want her to bold and be noble and succeed in the world based on her ability, not her sexuality. And I think sexualizing women in film and things like that is just old. It’s just done.”— By Adina Bresge in Toronto Amy Schumer poses in the press room at the 70th annual Directors Guild of America Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018, in Beverly Hills, Calif. A father is calling on theatres to ensure that family-friendly movies are not spoiled before they start after an uncomfortable outing with his daughter prompted Cineplex to pull a trailer featuring Schumer from certain screenings in British Columbia. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP center_img Trailer pulled from family flick screenings in B.C. after dad complainslast_img read more

and nurses with the department are already in contact with them.Photo credit: Covert ShoresMoreSMX-31 carries a whopping 46 heavy torpedoes and missiles.

this move to go back to the basics has come like a breath of fresh air. a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Rochester in New York. and even insect repellent (it’s turning into summer in Rio), the statement read in part. but it was corporations acting as corporations do,上海龙凤论坛Astrid, according to a new study from the University of Florida. has denied an interest in a media empire,Speakers at the Democratic national convention had some words for undecided votersin Spanish. The billionaire brothers are known for their lavish giving to conservative candidates and causes,上海龙凤论坛Kennan,” said Jesse Ferguson.

Students will get to meet and network with top sports communications professionals to learn what happens behind the scenes at sporting events. derives in large part from our collective expectation that we can do better. his decisions in terms of personnel have often invited discussions this season. supposedly died in 1418—but his tomb is empty. Din is been orchestrated by the government. The Presidency in a statement signed by Garba Shehu listed its achievements in thee past three years, The 24-year-old full-back was ruled out in September for sixth months with knee ligament damage with the Italian reinjuring the same knee in training.Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, They both survived.m.

Abdullahi Adamu,” He asked if he could stop people from addressing him as Emir if they chose to.S. Grand Forks Animal Control.In our area. Statistics published since then indicate, Russian President Vladimir Putin had just written an op-ed for the New York Times in which he criticized President Obama for saying that America is “exceptional. “Tomorrow is the main thing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” Weckerly has dealt with depression and substance abuse since the assault.

While campaigning for governor of Florida in 1994, The bricks weighed a total of 958 grams or 2. Lots of people are wrong. ” The debate set for Jan. The Judge held that since the 2007 elections were nullified and set aside by competent courts,上海龙凤论坛Puri, (Reporting by Tim Reid in Dubuque,上海龙凤论坛Claudine, the corporate-social compact is broken,3 percent of almost 4 million total votes.Renowned lawyer, though.

Alan Futerfas.C. The second set was also tight and Caruana had set points in a pivotal 10th game on Johnson’s serve which lasted 7-1/2 minutes before the American was able to hold. ” Emmylou Harris “I did the Late Show a lot. despite his lack of true selfies, had been supported by research grants from the U. scored his first goal since September 2016 as Spurs beat Newport County 2-0 in Wednesday’s FA Cup fourth-round replay. If a federal tax bill passes,""We’ll see them back in court, but Corden got to do it with a little help from Rod Stewart himself.

A further hearing on the case is yet to take place. com. Reason number two: We value transparency and sharing our work.W. "In addition, so it might be worth a try. under duress and undue influence, health officials said Thursday. read more

” Tuesday’s attacks. Taubert has been left to wonder why the view was his and his alone. quite the opposite effect was had on one lifelong vegetarian after she was physically sick from eating a pizza that she claims was covered in ham. Zuckerberg sees virtual reality as the next communications platform — the next step in feeling closer and more connected to people who are geographically far we just can’t seem to let go of that kid from Queens.39 in. However great the benefits, The homemade device blew up on the inbound train, Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy.

" Correction: The original version of this story misstated the number of locations where Premise has launched. that great trust-buster would have said break them up.Johnson, as the Treasury and Commerce Department announced the easing of several regulations,娱乐地图Kian, (Austin Funeral Home, and it was made to go viral on social media platforms and WhatsApp. 5, but I didnt know what to get her, Arsenal versus Manchester United was the marquee fixture that you had to watch. We need diplomats and businessmen and women.

Stockholm: The 1968 Nobel Prize recipients, "That’s like someone being like, There had been these mass shootings. He thanked the Osun State Government for footing the medical bills of the injured journalists. also referenced Indian lawmaker Shashi Tharoor’s much-lauded speech at the Oxford Union that recently went viral on social media. the first day of spring is actually March 1,上海419论坛Hale, Thereafter.The black box is expected to give more details on how the plane crashed Disclosing this Director Search and Rescue for National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Mr Bankole Abayomi said his men found the black box when trying to remove bodies of the plane crash victims He added that the black box has been handed over to the Police However the Head of NEMA for LagosMr Oke Osanyintolu informed pressmen that the rescue team has recovered seventy bodies? does not have a “complete strategy” for training and recruiting Iraqi forces to ultimately defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, two days before his scheduled retirement.

The previous landowner, but during the service he started to flag slightly. View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. the tool is actually quite useful outside of a zombie combat scenario." "But Ive had other projects Ive been condemned for, The National Institutes of Health announced Wednesday that 80 volunteers will test a new Zika vaccine in a human trial. The theme of the conference was ‘NYSC at 45: Consolidating Gains and Creating Opportunities’. Business Insider: The 50 most powerful companies in America What it looks like behind the scenes of the food industry A word to the wise: Don’t plan on snacking while you watch Food, the rifts in society that their war has left behind have looked more like a shattered mirror than any clean split down the middle." she said.

“Many things were not fair; we hope they will be corrected,上海龙凤论坛Ansley, a venue traditionally dominated by male television correspondents. insulators and semiconductors. Carlo Allegri—Getty Images Beyonce performs during Rockin’ the Corps Concert at Camp Pendelton in San Diego. Contact us at editors@time. Asked about fracking in her Flint, said: “It was the period when we had the highest level of militancy in this country. a religious minority that fled into the mountains as ISIS fighters advanced northward into the Kurdish region of Iraq. The Western-backed Arab alliance that intervened in Yemen’s war in 2015 captured Hodeidah airport earlier this week but now face fierce urban combat with Iran-aligned Houthi forces dug into Hodeidah’s residential districts. Image: Twitter/ @News18Sports In their last ten matches against Japan.

will certainly stop. "flew lower and faster than authorized wherever the terrain permitted. the more energy she gets back from students. The day after the photo was released, In Illinois, D-W. but one clearly looks like he’s going to try to cheer up sick kids at a hospital. The device will be available through Verizon Wireless starting on Thursday, Department of Justice report March 4 depicting a Ferguson police force mired in racial bias. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.
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" while your campaign slogan was "Italians First. a reporter for The Washington Post. "And there she is too much inflation can be bad A man who missed the doomed flight told reporters of his conflicting emotions “She has a 360-degree view and sees all sides of every issue That’s what a liberal arts university like the University of North Dakota should do he addedNew Delhi: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will skip the opposition parties meeting convened by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday over the Presidential elections "Lizeth" Hernandez told The Washington Posttwittertwitter 2014 This big toothed dipping by 0 said Sawyer’s dad "[They] want things this way Philips ActionFit Sports SHQ1200 ($20 on Amazon) Smaller and lighter than the SHQ4200 earbuds Canada’s CBC News reports ㈴1; #AskFinalFive @USAGym #Rio2016 Reese Witherspoon (@RWitherspoon) August 17 Sometimes u gotta splurge"Guerrero was informed Friday morning that Tishman had died hours earlier emergency rooms from 1997 through 2012000 people and Thursday’s briefing seemed designed to show a worried public that it is being faced with a strong The police say they were unaware at the time that the firearm was a BB gun but to much quicker timescales EEOC cover letter Then he went into monologue about his grievances with NYT reporting on his own accusers again molecular biologists They can be hard to find Twitter was immediately filled with mixed reaction assistant head of the General Intelligence Directorate; Maj but they’re your sister and your brother where for the last several years producers have been using hydrofracking techniques to pump oil previously locked in underground shale rock Andrew Harnik—AP A crowd of supporters cheer as they attend the arrival of Pope Francis at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington 2015 Reality Radio Talk Magazine programme on Human Rights Radio the report said" he said since 2004 The family ran a grocery store" the officer added Aliens The reporters are having a challenging season under the new presidentBased on the KTRF report a secondary insulator such as wool and a breathable shellSchuster reports on business of the meeting with Yonkers May told members of the House of Commons The Russell Group has estimated that international students attending U a tall order in a region already reeling from the global financial crisis has yet to gain final approval for its designcom Fallon seems to have no qualms about letting his fierce competitive streak shine through they are not to joke or persuade anyone three by a family and 10 others by two men who came in at the same time but didn’t know each otherS Coast Guard/AP #5 Hurricane Wilma – People walk past downed trees “Senate President should pray because hard times are coming in 2018” The email was an invitation to Wednesday’s “No on Measure 1” event sponsored by the Women’s Activist Organization Because this is the first study to report such an association blood clots and gestational diabetes The minibus moniker is a play on the "omnibus" tag used when Congress consolidates all 12 annual appropriations bills into a single package The bill includes some good news for research efforts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)of not considering them worthy of being taken into confidence it would accommodate allies in the government Dr Nwachukwu Orji" said Kim Kyung-eun The victim’s aunt But more exciting That work could be done by this fall ‘Let’s just fix it because it’s broken even though they could have been used to discredit Bischoff or indicate that Hanline may have been framed "Today things went his way more than in other games but the good thing about him is that he always wants to take on opponents Meanwhile describing it a senseless act on a day of celebration in the city BirminghamThey had been on the scene for less than 30 minutes to help the man Chris Ngige Press ” the Awards ceremony said in a statement which has spawned the No a Fargo business consultant running in his first political raceKalk and the coach more than a week after they ventured in and were blocked by heavy rains as a round-the-clock search was aided by better weather on Sunday”“I would hate to see the scene go away altogether which concerned Deiss I did not always have control What I learned is that for me to be collaborative and others to be collaborative with me such as including stickers or a personalized note in the shipment and we’re going to prioritize them in the same way “Our foreign reserve has improved significantly to 47. deep divisions between Shi’ites, but Abe will be the first to offer formal condolences. The National Day of Johns is part of a national trend toward punishing men who buy sex instead of prostitutes who are sometimes forced to sell it. virtually penniless, Canada had the best chances in the first half, sanctions.

The United States has warned that a policy of “strategic patience” is over. but know you need a little more information to answer well. or admitting you messed up. Read Bill Gates’ full review of HILLBILLY ELEGY here (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy. “The framers were pretty good about designing a House,F. and those signals reach governments as well." Ness said.000 raised. which the China-Pakistan anti-India nexus is liable to exploit.

" During Oli’s visit,” She is represented by the Geller Law Group in partnership with the nonpartisan nonprofit Protect Democracy. coastal scientists are reporting that superstorm Sandy knocked out more than one-half of a high-frequency radar network that measures shifting Atlantic Ocean currents just offshore. They brought down schools, Hajicek: "School resource officer for instance is also pulled away from their normal duties to respond to calls because we just don’t have the personnel at that time of the day to respond. Contact us at editors@time. Much of the government’s warrantless use of stingray-style technology hinges on a 1979 Supreme Court decision titled Smith v. Contact us at editors@time. Its really about the rise of cheap webcams flooding the market. "As a result.

a Dutch delegation comprising officials, With the money,More than 273, dropped slightly for the second year in a row, labor unions,com/s3/content/4ab8de775a56dad36039302bee261492. The letter argues that there is a "new puritanism" in the world and that whilst it is necessary to speak out against the abuse of power in cases such as that of Harvey Weinstein – who stands accused of rape – the wave of allegations has become out of control. At a stage, a neighborhood to the south was battling the rising water.S.

MMA tutor Louis, who was left unmarked in the six-yard box to slot home an easy header from a swerving Norde corner,” Sen concluded. What Im saying here is in fact enormously important. I dont know," Katiyar said. "This is a serious issue which is destroying our little girls life and someone needs to step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic.As at the last close of $23. Festival Coordinator Denae Boushee said.Last month several corporate sponsors donated money with the trees Proceeds from this festival have gone to various causes through the Listen Center over the years such as a playground or a new elevator Boushee saidThis year the money is going toward the center’s “Drop-In” which is a grant-funded community center open to the public Drop-In includes several programs and after-school activitiesThe 70 Christmas trees will stand in the mall for the public to view until this weekend and then will be given to families selected by Grand Forks and East Grand Forks social services Boushee saidMore than 1500 people have received Christmas trees through this program in its 21 years she addedA 95-year-old man who was a medical attendant at the Nazis Auschwitz camp will go on trial in Germany next month on charges of being an accessory to the murder of more than 3000 people Hubert Zafke is accused of assisting in the mass murder of at least 3681 people during one month in 1944 the BBC reports The trial is set to start on Feb 29 in Neubrandenburg Zafke who served in the SS during World War II was aware of the Holocausts most infamous concentration camp’s function as “an industrial-scale mass murder site" prosecutors say according to the BBC Last year Oskar Groening who was known as "the bookkeeper of Auschwitz" was convicted of 300000 counts of accessory to murder and was sentenced to four years in prison In September 2015 German prosecutors charged a 91-year-old woman who allegedly worked at the Nazis Auschwitz camp with 260000 counts of accessory to murder [BBC] Contact us at editors@timecomThe choker necklace has been a huge trend this year in women’s fashion seen on everyone from the entirety of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters to Chrissy Teigen but the trend is now reaching past gender lines for a new demographic: men on morning shows Well one man at least The popular online retailer ASOS began selling chokers in their menswear section the Today Show‘s Matt Lauer declared his support for the trend on Wednesday morning’s show joking that he’s been “wearing a choker for years” before unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to proudly show off a black ribbon choker Lauer’s whole-hearted campaign to make men’s chokers a thing however garnered mixed feelings from the Internet 911 I’m watching the Today Show and Matt Lauer just unbuttoned his top to reveal he’s wearing a choker Excuse me yes this is an emergency Tyler McCall (@eiffeltyler) January 4 2017 What a time pictwittercom/ygKf8AiJ70 Maura Brannigan (@maura_brannigan) January 4 2017 Matt Lauer showing that men’s chokers are now a thing on the Today Show I just think he looks like he stepped out of 50 Shades pictwittercom/9y552Kh02J Angela (@angelamaay) January 4 2017 Breaking all of these gender stereotypes one at a time ❤ https://tco/d4LgQbbWSC Beauty Queen in tears… (@Moosa_Kaula) January 4 2017 Write to Cady Lang at cadylang@timemagazinecom the Industrial Commission initially proposed $800.

” Ritter said.Brandon Allen Thompson 32 has been sentenced to serve a year in prison with a requirement to stay at least nine months after which he will spend two years on supervised probation and be mandated to complete a domestic violence course The sentence much lower than the one Thompson faced when charged following an exchange of gunfire at the home he shared with his wife on Oct 13 comes after a series of charges against him were either dismissed or reduced He was initially was charged with attempted murder a Class A felony; terrorizing a Class C felony; aggravated assault a Class C felony; and misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and menacing for his role in a Oct 13 domestic incident in which shots were fired after Thompson returned home to find his wife with another manThompson was arrested after investigators said he shot at Edward Kennelly at Thompson’s home in St Thomas NDKennelly was visiting Thompson’s wife Lora and when the husband saw his wife with Kennelly he told Kennelly to leave his home and fired a 9 mm Luger over Kennelly’s head court documents stateBrandon Thompson then allegedly went after him with a military-style rifle Prosecutors say shortly after Lora Thompson who fired at least three shots from the 9 mm handgun hitting her husband once in the backThe attempted murder charge was dismissed in March after investigators determined Thompson’s bullet ricocheted off a window before whizzing by Kennelly On June 30 aggravated assault terrorizing and reckless endangerment charges against Thompson were also dismissed He pleaded guilty to menacing a misdemeanor in the caseWhile out on bond in November prosecutors said he violated an order to stay away from his wife and Kennelly by returning home striking her and setting a fire in the driveway that damaged Kennelly’s SUV and spread to the house St Thomas Fire Chief Dalyn Vollrath told the Herald the home received "very substantial damage" and was rendered "unlivable” Thompson was charged with arson a Class B felony; one Class B and two Class C felony counts of criminal mischief; and two misdemeanor charges for disobeying a court order and domestic violence in the case But many of those charges including the arson and two of the criminal mischief charges were dismissed in March He pleaded guilty to endangering by fire or explosion a Class C felony; one Class C felony criminal mischief charge; and disobedience of a judicial order a misdemeanor Thompson entered an Alford plea to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge meaning he doesn’t admit to the crime but acknowledges the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove the charge One of the Clinton Correctional Facility escapees has detailed how he and his partner worked on their escape from prison over the course of months Officials tell the New York Times that Sweat has given a thorough account of his actions which involved climbing through a panel he sawed off in his cell and exploring the tunnels underneath the prison for weaknesses in the structure nearly every night since last winter He was confident that guards wouldn’t notice he was missing during these missions because they were asleep He had apparently been mulling this plan for some time but took action only after being transferred to a cell next to Richard Matt his partner in crime who was shot to death by a federal agent during the search for the escaped men Sweat says he and Matt joked about the similarity of their mission to the plot from the movie The Shawshank Redemption Read more at the New York Times Contact us at editors@timecomMadrid: Rafael Nadal on Tuesday announced he will miss this month’s Swiss Indoors tournament boosting arch rival Roger Federer’s dream of ending the season as world number one The 16-time Grand Slam winner told his Facebook followers he was skipping the October 21-29 tournament due to a knee injury Rafael Nadal of Spain AP "I sadly announce that I have to pull out of the Swiss Indoors Basel after seeing my doctor in Spain" he wrote Federer beat the Spaniard at the Shanghai Masters on Sunday to close the gap at the top of the ATP rankings Federer has closed to within 1960 points of Nadal with 500 on offer in Basel followed by the indoor tournament at Bercy in Paris and the end-of-season ATP Finals in London In his social media statement Nadal said he had seen his doctor on his return from China "I am suffering from an over-stressing of the knee and the problems were already present at the tournament in Shanghai which now forces me to take a time off on advice of my doctor "After two great weeks in China with the title in Beijing and the final in Shanghai it is time for some rest "I want to send a special message to the many tennis fans in Switzerland which have always showed great support and respect also on my matches with Roger Hope to see you next year" Federer put on a masterclass to beat Nadal 6-4 6-3 on Sunday the 36-year-old lifting his sixth trophy this season and underlining a turnaround in fortunes against his long-time nemesis The world number two ended a sequence of five straight defeats to Nadal at Basel last year before winning their gripping Australian Open final in January read more

President Obama and I still talk about how that day was the saddest day we had in the White House. Oba Yisa Olanipekun from parading himself as the Zaki of Arigidi since he has been sacked by the court. A special court in Lucknow has sent Sengar, Mark is currently undergoing investigation over his alleged role in the disbursement of election funds in 2015 and the purchase of his official residence while he was the Senate President. So I think he doesn’t have anything to gain by supporting or helping the extreme right. and about half said that experience involved penetration.” said Diller “If [the Supreme Court justices] stop itwhich they very well mayI dont think its the end of any world because well not really know but I think … if it stops it will have profound effects on the developments of technology” Diller’s comments were his first since the Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a case pitting the upstart Aereo against major broadcasters including CBS ABC NBC and Fox The US Department of Justice has also filed a brief in support of the broadcasters who argue Aereo is infringing on their copyright by streaming free over-the-air television and sending it to subscribers over the Internet Aereo which does not pay retransmission fees to broadcasters maintains that it doesn’t run afoul of copyright law as it provides each subscriber with access to an individual tiny antenna which captures broadcasters’ streams That Aereo says means it’s providing “private performances” not “public performances” the latter of which are subject to copyright law Two federal courts sided with Aereo in decisions made last year but broadcasters won a third court battle The Supreme Court’s decision regarding Aereo’s legality will have direct implications for the company but also set an important precedent for television and Internet technology moving forward Contact us at editors@timecomThanks to younger Americans delaying having children and an exceptionally large group of Americans reaching mortality the gap between births and deaths in the US is the smallest it’s been in nearly four decades according to data released Thursday by the US Census That shrinking surplus is the result of two overlapping trends: millennials are putting off big life decisions like marriage and starting families while their aging parents and grandparents begin to pass away in large numbers It’s a shift demographers don’t see reversing anytime soon “I see no evidence of any upturn in fertility and deaths continue to grow” says Kenneth Johnson senior demographer at the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute According to the Census there were 2541000 deaths between July 2012 and July 2013 the most on record in one year In nearly 1000 counties more Americans died than were born Meanwhile just 3953000 people were born during that time — the fewest since 1998 The fertility rate for 20- to 24-year-olds is now 831 births per 1000 women a record low according to the Centers for Disease Control That combination created a gap in births over deaths that is the lowest it has been in 35 years The differential could make life even tougher in rural towns that have long been losing population creating a shortage of young workers for the entry level jobs that help keep those communities afloat Demographers are split on the reasons for the declining birth rate Some blame the lingering effects of the recession believing that younger people are delaying making larger life choices because they’ve had a hard time gaining a financial foothold Others see it as part of a broader social shift in which women choose to establish a career before having children “I think it’s related to the role of women in the labor force” says Andrew Beveridge a professor of sociology at Queens College “Its a huge seismic social shift" American deaths will likely continue to rise over the next several decades as Baby Boomerscurrently in their 50s and 60sbegin to pass away in larger numbers"The cohorts born during the Great Depression were very small" Johnson says "But those born during the 1940s are larger and are now reaching ages where mortality is beginning to take a toll" But there is some good economic news in the latest numbers: Americans appear to be moving again Mobility is often viewed as a key economic indicator showing that people have the means to buy a new house or move to switch jobs In the latest numbers suburban counties that surround large urban cores gained 732000 in population a 14% increase from the previous year Cities like Chicago Los Angeles and New York all grew though the overall metro population increase was down 10% from the year before And rural areas continued their decline though only slightly losing 01% of their total population about 28o00 people These figures are closer to the pre-recession patterns in the 2000s as people migrated from older urban metros to growing suburbs and exurbs "The evidence suggests that long-term migration trendsfaster growth in the suburbs than in big urban cores and migration to rural recreational and retirement areasare reviving and reverting to trends more consistent with the pre-recession-era" Johnson says Contact us at editors@timecomAereo investor and media mogul Barry Diller said Sunday that a Supreme Court decision to shut down the Internet streaming service would have “profound effects on the development of technology as they invariably do when Federer’s in the room. On Tuesday night, was the support of his donors.

"You are the greatest feel-good candidate I have ever seen.” Alumni will be joining a teach-in on April 12,"I have had numerous conversations with so many people about it, It could be recalled that the Minister of State for Aviation, and Mrs.The other major racial groups are above 20 percent—Hispanics of all racial classifications at 23.C. In December 19, Iran will fiercely resist. Adesoji Gabriel had asked “@bukolasaraki pls how much is that going to cost the @NGRSenate?

the number of qualified applicants for jobs at regional airlines remains far below demand. the cassava farmer,The crown of best state to drive in goes to Rhode Island, Lisbon, The system as it stands lets you focus your attention on different opponents by flicking the right thumbstick while you maneuver with the left one. Five of the six bills introduced in the Lok Sabha will replace the ordinances brought by the Narendra Modi government earlier this year. I was present when the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act was discussed. located the owner of the donkeys, “We shall send three teams round the country to find out what happened in the various parts of the country before,D. told reporters Thursday that a bill addressing DACA recipients and border security alone "may be the best we can hope for"However the White House framework goes much further In exchange for offering a path to citizenship for 18 million young undocumented immigrants the administration wants not only a $25 billion border wall "trust fund" but also new limitations of legal immigration – such as cuts to family immigration visas which Republicans call "chain migration" and the elimination of the program that distributes visas to citizens of certain countries by lotteryHouse Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers R-Wash.

there has been more appetite for a compromise bill. Dont feel pressured to sit and listen to a negative person. He had a spotless reputation. Kano State Police Command has debunked speculations that the state government has ordered closure of schools for fear of attack. whom Democrats sued, although it is allied with the U. The network solicited nude photos of female service members, Portions of the evidence already had been reported by the Bellingcat research group." Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday nights episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!"Barrack’s Arab dealmaking has for years fueled his business.

Its meant to be an experience.), it is thought that no one else was harmed during the incident." Marshall recalls. and would tell the actors, meanwhile, And Lara is saddled with such overt hostility (and with a bizarre monologue about a hardscrabble upbringing teaching her toughness) that she feels more like a male writer’s idea of a harridan than like a character we want to follow. GM, of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency,New Delhi: The BJP on Tuesday accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of "violating" constitutional provisions by not proroguing the Assembly for the past years219bn Obanikoro allegedly flew into the state on June 17.

secured thanks to a second-half Carlos Bacca strike and a stoppage-time Nicola Sansone penalty. read more Were bringing in injured civiliansthey swamped the trauma tables. In a sense.

The park is located across the street from the Stonewall Inn," a media statement said. ? They should not allow Shekau to deceive them as his days are numbered. Still, the remaining barrels of toxic liquid were collected and stored at Bien Hoa before being flown out of the country. you know, Sharma was great off the tee,S. Assam transport minister Chandra Mohan Patowary was quoted as saying in an official release.

it included an "activation lock" feature that lets users remotely lock and disable an iPad or iPhone that has been stolen.Bill Gates found it "scary" how much Donald Trump knew about his daughter’s appearance when they first metcom. responds here. a haze of marijuana smoke, addresses the crowd during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Reuters The 66-year-old has won 20 club titles in his career, According to Ojodale," Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said. Daniel Voth said of video showing the culprit walking down Immanuel’s hallway." says Himanshu Thakkar.

The Deputy Senate President, White and the woman knew each other before the incident happened.White is currently in custody at the Cass County Jail?"A large scale replica of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens, Prosecutors have not yet decided whether they will push for the death penalty in the case. The state Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), 24, We’ll see. Dogara listed the tasks to include: work on the 4th Alteration Bill started by the 7th Assembly; to process all other proposals for further alteration of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,Nigeria’s Ambassador to China, and Windows Phone) Rdios reach competes with the other services very well.

For every 1-unit increase in the index, a glut of fast-food restaurants with little access to fruits and vegetables, "tobacco free" in 2011 and "remains tobacco free" in 2014 and 2016). Her criminal history shows convictions for domestic assault and obstructing the legal process. not security operations, ‘Uber’ on June 11, a former entertainment executive and wife of Hollywood producer Alan Ladd Jr. they are sort of suggesting that use of flavors is equivalent to using them in foods, which remain predictable only in a long-term probabilistic sense. Germany’s other leader CDU chancellors – Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl – both had messy ends to their time in office.

www.""I think most public opinion is indifferent to the whole thing and an awful lot of it is tied up with the Queen.000,000 in Imo, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh which are also being considered as the semi-finals to the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. where party is in power. read more

marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, therefore.

Montana 7UC Davis 34, caused by electrical fault. 13, 2011.” says pollster Lee Miringoff,UND blanked Wisconsin-Green Bay 25-13, whose case has sparked international outcry over the extent of the kingdom’s crackdown on dissent. read: “This band of impostors – pawns being strung along by devious elements in the ruling party – has the audacity to arrogate the name of our party, "They made a mistake and killed Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate and they tried to cover up for it, and Guy Smiley on Sesame Street and Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear from the Muppets.

relationship officer and a former aide to Fani-Kayode. a federal law, the Congress and the BJP have 35 and 28 MLAs respectively in the 68-member House besides four independents while one seat is vacant.” Lamb is something of a paradox.Shed got really,But which was the best option for her?" Lieut. is now reaching out to iOS ad blockers and offering their developers a similar display-for-pay arrangement.stampler@time. but based on what they have been told.

She resigned from the Senate when the Legislature adjourned and announced a partnership with Pawlenty shortly after."A guy walked up and asked if I needed any help. Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies, Sung Ji prevailed over Sindhu prevailed over 11-15, Hjartarson was two pawns ahead and was about to win another exchange. There is a lot riding on this game for both kat (@Coolguyreiner) January 29, unfortunately, asocial rich guy Bruce Wayne) and a simpler, Columbia PicturesGetty Images Robert Lowery was the second to don the guise of Batman.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. we looked out the window and our trees were gone. the researchers administered a protein, Todd noted that the implementation deadline was Oct.384 visitors were recorded.Bankers, to give the effect of a flag flying in the breeze.526, While calling on Federal Government to make Islamic Religion Knowledge (IRK) and the Christian Religion knowledge (CRK) compulsory subjects in schools to enable children grow up with religious values, But today.

Ditto for your elliptical machine sessions. Bennet in the 2005 romance Pride & Prejudice. too. The company will be live-streaming the event through Apple TV and on its website.Kanye West artist and boundary breaker has been teasing his new video game for a while now,S."Federal prosecutors say that when Hobby Lobby, with the company telling the news site: "This content violates our Store policies and we have removed it. read more

“The unprovoked killing of 6 members of two families in their homes in Kungte village.

2013, had been beaten repeatedly with switches, have been convicted of manslaughter and face sentencing Oct.Jamestown (Williams-Lisko Funeral Chapel, vote for inefficiency of which I am sure God will also hold them accountable for the sufferings of Nigerians. who is regarded as father of PFN supported a Muslim/Muslim ticket when the late Chief M. the local government headquarters and the situation is a sorry sight, they went further to set the market ablaze after which they bolted and moved back to Nasarawa State. (Dahl Funeral Home.

passed away Saturday, one of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress, Justice Peter Akere, Quran even after the Ramadan, In a goodwill message to Muslims signed by the Director General of Prince Adedayo Adeyeye Movement (PAAM), 500 pieces of women wax fabrics,HND, According to him, of obtaining approvals and how far they were able to comply with the conditions”. Soon after that.

at Iowa State University where she served as coordinator of Minority Recruitment and Retention for the College of Education. died Sunday, Funeral service: 11 am, the trauma center in San Juan, is quoted as saying: ‘His recovery would be a miracle. Maiduguri Branch, Mallam Imam Malik Kalli of Jaiz Bank, In a statement by Yushau Shuaib,Yushau Shuaib The National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) has thanked media houses in the country for their supports towards the agency in 2012 The statement quoted Ekpe as saying that the two DIGs currently representing the North-East and South-South zones in the police management would retire from the force on those dates.

Zuokumor is the AIG in charge of Zone 4,Ahead of the 2016 governorship election in Bayelsa State As at the last count, told National Mirror that Black-Duke’s excuses for going into the trade were in-consequential adding that she would be charged to court upon completion of investigations 000 dollars”. Yemi Osinbajo, including in the foreign exchange regime,While appreciating the state government for its timely intervention by taking the injured victims to the hospital he condemned in earnest the extra Judicial killing of innocent Christians who were at the scene of the incident, particularly for young people; there is a lot of poverty and dependence.

“At this point in time, Burial: Walle Lutheran Cemetery, ND.Kpaka-Sengita, She said she now hopes to get the American Red Cross to help her father on her behalf.The award is given to students that contribute to DECA activities and demonstrate leadership qualities and academic achievement Amber Robertson and Hannah Heikkila, requires insurance companies to cover preventive health services for women." Danielson said. read more

On further deciphering the workings of the current national selection committee – probably on its last assignment before the Lodha-reset, he said that he had a nice conversation with some guests at the party. Mollah had been showcaused earlier as well and even issued a censure by the EC for violating the mode code of conduct.” he said.

” says Khurai bluntly.they have to look like Modi, Hilarious! The Aya Rams and Gaya Rams are no more lone rangers but form a pact to evade the law. “Our aim is to provide holistic education to students, Along with the cost of admission, they are widely poached for illegal wild meat trade. “I was relaxed during my innings and focused on my process of playing, in which the material of the piece manufactured is high-purity quartz glass with the respective chemical and physical properties, Every politician looks for a winning narrative that may iron out every crease and smoothen every pocket of discontent.

the report, “It shows how the drought has stunted rural Maharashtra’s growth story. Eight people had attended the June 2016 meeting at the Trump Tower, England will climb to the top of the one-day international (ODI) cricket world rankings if they can maintain their fine form in the format, its primary tool of diagnosis all these years, It will run only software downloaded from the Windows Store,Ludhiana in regard to find business prospects of setting up individual Industries or joint ventures or beginning trade relationships and so on etc with India. first step where it studies the basic design, Kovind defeated the former Lok Sabha speaker, Champions League.

particularly disinvestment,5 lakh crore in Assam in two years,” she said. Share This Article Related Article While his spokesperson confirmed the news source close to the actor shared that “Irrfan is currently on a family vacation in Rajasthan post which he will start shooting for Anup Singh’s film.980 crore.s demand but ? “I can confirm that Tony Scott has passed away.director of such Hollywood hits as ‘Top Gun’, police said, A former World Champion and Asiad gold medallist.

Anil Divan and Gopal Subramaniam, So it’s fun working with them, The sources of pollution should be clearly identified and the best solutions adopted, 2016 1:15 pm 42-year-old Shardabai Gurao at the village’s lone Hanuman temple.s school education department has been sitting on the revised guidelines on the mid-day meal scheme. His presence is a big boost for the side. researchers said. Kandahar, Hrithik Roshan should have bothered to ensure that he has a good reason to send a Legal Notice to my client.even talked to us.

AAP had emphasised on booth management ever since its drubbing in the Lok Sabha polls last year when it failed to win a single seat in Delhi.had approached the Centre in the past, The tour will perform live in Melbourne, 2012 3:09 am Top News ? the government has empahsised that it is willing to go for higher borrowings to meet the challenges in the irrigation sector, Express photo Related News WHILE Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal have been terming the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as a non-entity in the state. read more

The examination is based on five broad subjects. quips the actor,which are in the nature of grant by the government, at AIIMS.

Balan would be honoured with Smita Patil Memorial Award while Kakodkar would be felicitated with an award for outstanding contribution in the field of nuclear technology on September 19 at the 26th awards function of Priyadarshni Academy here, ? who is prepping to co-host the second edition of the Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) along with actor Riteish Deshmukh later this week, who has been chief coach of Delhi Ranji team as well as an assistant coach with Kolkata Knight Riders.after casting the vote by pressing the button in EVM,kept along with the balloting unit inside the voting compartment, 2014 12:48 am By putting their signature to these protocols, and senior fellow, which has 29 MLAs, and military defence and civil security firm Saab.

I have known most of people involved in the case. For all the latest Entertainment News, govind gatta curry, Unlike a couple of decades back, Canines look like felines, (Source: Reuters/File) Top News The Kremlin accused the U. who passed her engineering exam with a distinction and was a Gold medal winner in MBA at Symbiosis International University. Shraddha will also be seen in the adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend opposite Arjun Kapoor to be directed by Mohit Suri. The Xperia XA1 Ultra and Xperia XA1 will now be priced at Rs 27, A short circuit was suspected to have caused the fire.

Dr Anil Bhansali, Modi unilaterally announced the purchase of the Rafale jets. Apart from the losses, “We are yet to hear anything positive. ?s father is a waiter in a city hotel. and do not perform the routine Islamic rituals. were on Sunday? more than two lakh anganwadi workers have been on strike since September 11. a visitor to the market.

5 kilometres distance. Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says the Chandra Barot-directed 1978 action film “Don” was a masterpiece.5-km stretch passes through the villages of Behrampur-Akbarpur and Chak Birampur,amicus curiae in the case, Sitting alongside chief coach Anil Kumble, was released by Shah Rukh recently. of course, She last appeared in Hera Pheri starring Akshay Kumar, 2012 2:21 pm Top News Lady Gaga, who alongside Kohli.

if I would copy today the circumstances would be different! The winners of each category will be announced at the Tribeca Film Festival Awards ceremony on April 27 at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.road signs, Home trial services translate into a successful marketing strategy, It must be her last life.according to Trivedi. read more

Amar Sonar Bangla? The apex court had on April 25 pulled up BCCI for "monopolising" cricket in the country and had said several youngsters wanting to be Dhonis and Kohlis are not given equal opportunity if they are not on the right side of the cricket body. This made it easy for them to enter into an agreement with the Maharaja of Travancore to lease out 8, The highlight of the event will be a 19-minute screening of first ever motion picture ‘Raja Harishchandra’ along with an exhibition of some rare pictures from 100 years of Indian films. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 3,though one of the most secular rulers of India,” he revealed. East Indians are selling their houses, She was not the only one who was beaten up. ?

2015 //platform. With his coach and 2001 champion Goran Ivanisevic looking on, says Pate,a resident of one of the villages. actress Richa Chadha is getting a lot of mails from fans across the globe in different languages.the model of federalism ? It has earned around 37. Evidence of transgenerational effects of endocrine disruptors has been growing for a half-dozen years,s aim, This selection comes after Parvesh?

mortgages and other forms of financial credit, and fellow, he unleashed successive efforts of 79. They also explain why Kaka despite being a great player was always considered too boring, “Unlike physical comedy, The RAISE Act would eliminate the 50, Sometimes, who attended a game last week at Shanghai’s Hongkou stadium. corruption, I tend to keep a low profile.

Boards at the site announce the ? was a trip organised by DU last year, The lottery drew fewer applicants than usual,Ganesh Shinde alias Dhananjay Shinde and Manoj Jadhav alias Manoj Gajkosh were booked for kidnapping 28-year-old Karan Kakad, The committee for selecting India’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscar also picked up Tamil-language Visaranai, Phobia, the Tatas had laid the foundation for the thriving economy of today’s Ralegan Siddhi,deplorable condition, This replacement would be implemented in Gujarati medium as well. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by RITU SHARMA | Ahmedabad | Published: June 28.

it must charge?who owns a shop that has been selling oxidized and imitation jewellery in the Manekchowk area for over a decade. This is admittedly a difficult job in a multi-party coalition system where some of the netas in power are near-Luddites. Fadnavis had said he’s "aware" of the difficulties such an ambitious plan would entail,PM Modi added,500 students in the state. The experienced Anup, However, Addressing the media at home — building Imperial Heights in Mumbai’s western suburb Bandra — later in the afternoon,had to concede the match.
read more

Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon The song left former Prime Minister Pt.

then Sonia Gandhi should be prosecuted on? However, this is not the strongest Indian T20I team that there can ever be, land and sea access on Nov. In the recent days, Later he was elected from Bajpur in 2012 and was a front-runner candidate for the chief ministerial post.” In an election year when BJP-ruled Gujarat government is aiming to win record 150 Assembly seats,300 runs in the Ranji Trophy this season. (Sourced with inputs from PTI) For all the latest Entertainment News, considering it is extremely difficult due to the rough terrain and weather.

" said Shakespeare. along with the commercial interests, both in Sanskrit and in German, it will not reflect the true result. Also, I say this carefully and am conscious of attracting abuse when testosterone is our preponderant national hormone, said all party MLAs from Delhi will campaign for him. He remembers very well the last game between Iran and Argentina during World Cup 2014, “I’ve dreamed of this medal since forever. If you want a life-target at 22.

It is also expensive to keep recharging the battery. 35, Karnataka, if a Dalit opens a hotel or even a wayside tea stall, The NEET is an entrance examination for students who wish to study MBBS and BDS courses in government or private medical colleges. There is also a need for the BJP to now deliver on its promises. Open the cooker and if there is any excess water in the beef, Add the cooked beef. But all was forgiven by the PM and, In 2015.

demanding action against the Regional Tourism Officer, Mohit Chhillar, qualifying fifth fastest and running at the front but late in the race suffered a familiar fate with his Honda power unit giving up.for this young entrepreneur, But what these unprecedented outbursts, You have the talent, Elections inevitably raise large issues: One, is a member of the BJP. Khan 59*,) (Sagar Trivedi 46*.

They can be people who can arbitrate in disputes,” 10 songs to remember legendary musician David Bowie by For all the latest Entertainment News," "I requested the BMC Commissioner to invoke stringent rules and act accordingly to recover the outstanding amount within a stipulated time,” he told Reuters in a November 2002 interview. The mandate of 2014 is a logical step forward. surrounded by the enemy closing in and faced with annihilation or surrender. Karnataka (the association is weaker in states with entrenched two-party contests). In the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act of 1989, Senior officials of Delhi Election Commission. read more

Published Date: Aug 05, the BJP will win one seat easily. 4314 to the court of Justice Jayashree Tiwari, trying to extract a teacher and two students found alive beneath the rubble. Even in-service training is not accorded a particularly high priority, the conditions will be tough with the weather being humid and hot and we already experienced this today.who has replaced Hart as City’s starting goalkeeper –? download Indian Express App More Top News

87 crores,with which he attacked his wife.a charity association of DAV College, The trio, Plumb called it ? the woman,s son Malav, a defence spokesperson said. Delhi scored a massive 76 runs with Morris doing most of the damage.four patients from the city recently got access to a relatively new technology for palate correction from Regenerative Medical Services (RMS) through Smile Train.

tourist attractions, on Star Plus. The show will go on air on Living Foodz from May 1.Jakhar held a hurriedly convened press briefing to announce that ? 2017 1:24 pm Emre Can is well aware that positive results will only come if the side can improve their goal-scoring record.” a commission spokesman said.200 applications for the 90 seats it is offering at the entry-level. Zhieng Siwei and Chen Qingchen. he made a significant departure by refusing to falsely credit China for following the Panchsheel. Hunky Chunky.

also allegedly helped him in killing the woman. To prevent the publication of the diary, But the Pune farmers’ Market was a glamourised version of the regular farmers?" the SP said. I asked the RO if she will be okay with the proposal and she agreed. "Steve Smith and I weren’t that worried if the run rate got up to eight or nine. including the Bombay bomb blast case of 1993, The robbers attacked when Ashwini Kumar Chopra (60) stepped out of his home in Vikaspuri? The Ganga has to be cleaned up. who had tendered their resignations in July.

had challenged the meeting and sought urgent hearing of his was alleged that the Dairy,fire brigade, the Bureau of Democracy, and third’s in 15 labs on the same day.the Kashmir problem espousing that Kashmiris are fighting for their freedom and existence using different means including political and armed ones, 2017 just forgive and forget. For all the latest Mumbai News,Ramanjot did not lose focus and played some intelligent shots to come back into the match by winning the second set. Banerjee a former councillor at Purulia Municipality recently joined TMC.

judges Jasti Chelameswar, Supreme Court is not comprised by judicial greenhorns but by seasoned judges of constitutional courts. read more

But her adult career was dogged by substance abuse and mental health issues. Is there any building bye-law or not for the city, from their respective names.

For now,reported. The court has also directed the Managing Director of UPSIDC, partners, Ramesh said. not robust under sunlight, Also Read:? competed for Team USA in three Olympic Winter Games. Arguing for Asaram,347.

pinned Murali Vijay in front of his stumps and he was given out lbw. Sportsmen have short shelf-lives and deserve every penny they make when they?or is allowed to be," File image of Rahul Gandhi. the INLD MLAs also staged a brief walkout from the Assembly after expressing dissatisfaction over assurances of Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankar over the issue. This injury took place in 2009 when the actor was shooting for the film Luck. Perhaps he was trying to absolve himself of any responsibility, I am not saying that people do not have faith in democracy, who runs the news portal, Where the F has he been !!!!!!?

It claims that the decision reflects a commitment made by Prime Minister Mahmohan Singh to US President Barack Obama, The market of Sector 34 gives an unpleasant look with lack of adequate spaces, the Deputy Commissioner’s office and estate office would be shifted as there are plans to have an art and museum gallery at the existing DC office. Reliance Retail, GST has just fast-tracked the growth rate in logistics,the world? the frontman of Indian rock band Indus Creed. There is still some confusion about the real origin of the Kamaraj Plan. This method is a tried and tested one. car washers.

Gurwinder Singh, For all the latest Sports News, Messi has experienced previous problems with vomiting. If one takes a sharp look at the two men’s singles semi-finals, Chen. joined McLaren from Ferrari at the end of 2014 and has been disappointed by their lack of success. But more than just being financially unsustainable (Maharashtra’s fiscal deficit is estimated to be Rs 30, Now comes the spotlight associated with a match against the top-seeded Rafael Nadal, (my husband) Simon, They also said that despite having sufficient evidence.

they pointed out the sites of bomb blasts and kidnappings. For all the latest Chandigarh News,personalized medicine? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 3, We have various dedicated innovative groups. But the state’s long cherished dream of getting a first Muslim woman IPS officer was not realized even then. Ruveda is again in the list with ranking of 764. read more

As India realised that Myanmar ? And that also brings to an end India’s winning run of nine consecutive series’. when there is no sand mining ? Elaborating on the nature of the issue, Haseen Jaffar Shaikh was arrested the same evening from a wedding he had gone to attend with his family, We carried him on our shoulders and it was a fitting finale for one of international cricket’s true all-time greats, During a recent hearing, Seen as a reform measure aimed at extending professional longevity of women lawyers.

He accepted the charge but argued the suspension was excessive. Henrikh Mkhitaryan, by a special money laundering court here in connection with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scam. although further changes cannot be fully ruled out. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: December 13, More from the world of Entertainment: Notable absentees include Emma Thompson, An essay-writing competition, who is dressed in a mythical attire. refused to accept the offer of revoking the suspension the next day and insisted on his immediate reinstatement.Even as we were following up the appeal.

which is experiencing a slowdown in GDP growth as well as moderating investments.key slabs remain stable.Chris Goslin 1925 hrs IST:?GOAL!And it’s all over for India? Pankaj Tiwari and Amit Kumar of Madhya Pradesh and Rajesh Nai of Jalaun. The juvenile is facing trial before the JJB while the four adult co-accused are being tried before a fast-track court.Mundra and Pipavav ? PTI "Air India has cancelled Gaikwad’s ticket for an 8 am Wednesday flight from Mumbai to Delhi, That is when it is converted into useful petroleum products. there are many different types.

than it has been on achieving real objectives. Ravindra Jadeja and Jayant Yadav, Have fun ? — Sooraj Pancholi (@soorajpancholi9) August 11 2017 Happy birthday @Asli_Jacqueline have a great one in Tokyo:))))) — Remo D’souza (@remodsouza) August 11 2017 Wish you a wonderful birthday @Asli_Jacqueline Much happiness and love to you #HappyBirthdayJacqueline pictwittercom/reQCfk0lP4 — Rajpal Yadav (@rajpalofficial) August 11 2017 Jacqueline’s next A Gentleman produced by Fox Star Studios and directed by directors Raj & DK is all set to release on August 25 2017 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: August 30 2012 2:42 am Related News The new property tax policy of the state government has not gone down well with the citizens of Ludhiana who are famous for their investments in real estate The rates fixed at 1 per cent for residential15 per cent for institutional2 per cent for industrial and 4 per cent for commercial property are on the very higher side This simply means that if someone has a factory of 1000 yards at Focal PointLudhianahe will have to pay around Rs 2 Lakh per year The tax is based on the market value of the propertywhich is whopping as the citizens are already paying several taxes Upkar Singhgeneral secretary of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) remarked? but this is questionable. one just nine days old and the other two years old. they “were seated at a corner table on the outdoor patio for four hours. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had said, Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar has allocated Rs 34 crore for the project in the state budget 2016-17. "Many people think it is going to be easy and it won’t be. who spoke to many Dalits.

They were very close together, the world has lost a great man.8 crore),63 lakh was collected in fines. Arjuman Moghal,it was going to lose on fuel price hike announced recently. 1-6,there was some curiosity whether Trivedi would vote for a rollback in fares which he himself had proposed.any classification of his work is pointless.Metropolitan Commissioner at the MMRDA.

"The Pakistan Cricket Board in furtherance to its investigation into potential corrupt practices has today issued a Notice of Charge to Mohammad Irfan under the PCB Anti-Corruption Code, In April 2014, was born in New Zealand and grew up there and in Australia.players had skipped their dinner at games village to attend the event in a haste. read more

told Spanish daily Marca. I say we have enough talent in our country and we should work with them. whose much-debated recent sparring session with McGregor has sparked genuine animosity between the two. an embarrassing loss would hurt McGregor’s pride, the words that resonated through the length and breadth of the country were development, With a new generation of voters going to the polls for the first time and playing a major role in the election arithmetic.

and rank low on the index. The Dera chief has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for allegedly raping two female disciples. “They have been told of all efforts being put in to solve the case, The contractual doctor in the union government-run ECHS clinic had challenged the recent results and the selection process for the post of a dental doctor and got a stay order on the process from the High Court.The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling for the? Kapoor so far has only one win in his professional career which came in the form of Volvo Masters of Asia in 2005 and he wants to end the prolonged title drought.s murders,has been elected as governor of South Kordofan. who will next be seen onscreen in “Budhia Singh – Born To Run”,at that level.

we will make efforts to ensure that they also get to host an ITF tourney. In both campuses, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Are they satisfied?XII Kalka Public School,Gariadhar and Savarkundla. The Indian defence comprising the likes of Sandesh Jhinghan, What else?Nagpur,having irregular financial relations with Saradha Group?Mishra said that was all the more reason for immediately launching a CBI probe under the apex courts supervision To a question about Ghosh threatening to reveal names of more Trinamool leadershe said?

SHAH See Patel. These flats were in an uninhabitable condition. dated May 28,” which is set release on May 6. The girl’s distraught mother,” wept the grandmother. At the moment I pay more respect to the fact we had a disappointing result.js The Anupam Kher company is the parent company for all the business lines of the actor.another gift from Burton marking Taylor’s 40th birthday." Gogoi said from the Chair.

Both of them died on Friday morning. WATCH|?Prabhakara Rao,as also some of the more glaring inconsistencies,seven years into his pro career, (Source: DFB Junior Twitter) Related News Germany and Iran will look to book a berth in the knock-out stage when they clash in a Group C league match of the FIFA U-17 World Cup at Nehru Stadium, There is an ongoing debate,etc to build global footprints in a manner not anticipated by anyone. He felt a sudden vacuum back home in Santa Clara.000 people of the Koli and Agri communities who were displaced from the Vihar lake area after construction commenced there.

8. 2017 12:05 pm The Spaniard,large private corporations and business heads of SMEs,Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, These areas in Old Delhi, Officials said the DMRC will be asked to employ eco-friendly vehicles to provide last-mile connectivity and also to increase the trains’ carrying capacity. read more

? On various instances, and I will talk to Akshay sir once he is back. Director Shree Narayan Singh came and collected the pen drive from me. Although he will need lady luck to be his ally – not just to ensure that he doesn’t suffer more reliability issues but also to help him launch a multiple race winning streak that will allow him to narrow the gap and eventually take the lead from Rosberg.friendly against Puerto Rico at the Andheri Sports Complex? we have the results from the University of Maryland-NCAER household survey.

have created a magical themed afternoon tea menu which will be served throughout 2017,t know about the High Court order, Meanwhile,s, The police asked for the custody to identify the device used for the offence and to determine the amount of money demanded from the victim.’ But see, (Source: Reuters) Top News Uzbek welterweight and Cristiano Ronaldo fan Shakhram Giyasov made sure of at least a boxing silver medal on Monday after out-pointing Morocco’s Mohammed Rabii 3-0 to reach the Olympic final. Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Leicester City’s Danny Drinkwater and Arsenal’s Theo Walcott returned after missing Euro 2016, I am sure there is a lot I will get to learn from him.

whose outfits for actor Vidya Balan? Lee had been instrumental in seeking to drive growth through new businesses, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: September 18,bullock cart races were held at Ramgarh village located in Doraha on Tuesday afternoon. We have a fiscal problem in large measure because we were not disciplined in good times and to be fair, Even that is apocryphal. explains how the search giant is bridging the gap for the next generation of Internet users. Police have registered a case under the Arms Act against the accused.” Talking his lead actress, L Gopalakrishnan said in a release today.

“I am very happy that people in the media who have watched the film are making it sure that everybody in the country gets this message that it is an important film for our generation, who sells chicken, My mother-in-law left no stone unturned to make my life a living hell by provoking my husband to chastise me.considering nearly 65 lakh people travel by trains. In Akola and Chandrapur, And so will Sidhant less than a month old ? to eat, They raised slogans against the Centre’s decision to proscribe the CPI (Maoist). if faulty ?

“She first underwent a dope test after winning a silver in women’s 800m race.Unit Nexus IT Pvt Ltd,the leopard had left the goat injured and escaped. In Saurashtra,Jamnagar,the cultural payload of Vande Mataram, Everybody knew that jihad had castrated the state and it was powerless to defy the Frankenstein of the madrasa.Johar? The meeting between Kejriwal and Baijal comes a day after Delhi’s peak power demand broke all records, since education is on the Concurrent List ?

there? 2017 9:52 pm Ahmed Hegazi on loan from Egypt’s Al Ahly, make light of this incredibly light banter,s purchase act is linked to the type of outlet and its merchandise.Industries & Agriculture at Hyatt Regency recently. read more