Rabat – Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), has released a statement rejecting allegations that 35 of its members in Houceima are involved in a sit-in inside regional headquartersAfter a local news source alleged that 35 members of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) in Houceima had organized a sit-in inside the regional headquarters in the northern city, the DGNS release a statement denying these allegations.“The General Directorate of National Security denies, utterly and categorically, the allegations and the fake news that a local news source published claiming that around 35 elements of the National Security organized an open sit-in inside the headquarters of the regional security in Houceima,” stated the DGSN communiqué issued on Tuesday. The communiqué, titled Statement of Truth, also denied the allegations that “the judicial police launched an investigation into the matter to determine the conditions and the reasons for this form of protest.” The General Directorate of National Security added that all the members of the national security in the city of Houceima and elsewhere “are engaged in carrying out their missions to guarantee the security of citizens and protect their belongings.” read more

Author Martin offers new taste of ‘The Winds of Winter’ by The Associated Press Posted May 12, 2016 5:17 pm MDT Last Updated May 12, 2016 at 6:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Author George R.R. Martin is progressing little by little on that next book.Martin this week posted an excerpt from his long-awaited “The Winds of Winter,” the sixth novel in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. The excerpt focuses on Princess Arianne Martell and her reports back to her father, Prince Doran Martell of Dorne.The previous installment was “A Dance With Dragons” and came out in 2011. Martin now has fallen behind the HBO adaptation “Game of Thrones.”Martin also posted an excerpt a year ago. He discouraged fans from thinking he was nearly done. He warns on his website Not a Blog: “The sample will give you a taste. For the rest, you will need to wait.”The new excerpt can be found on GeorgeRRMartin.com. read more

Good Morning Goodman continues with co-hosts Susan LeBlanc and Najlaa Rauf reminding students about several events happening this week.Goodman students interested in learning more about the world of franchising are encouraged to attend tomorrow’s seminar featuring Nick Veloce, President and COO of Innovative Food Brands.Registration is also open for How to Get a Job in Sales and Marketing, an event hosted by the Goodman Career Development Office in collaboration with the Brock Marketing Association (BMA) at Goodman.Representatives from both Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers will be on campus this week for networking events.Goodman graduate students can register for SAS training which will be held over Reading Week through the Goodman Graduate Business Council.The ETS Major Field Test, a standardized test measuring knowledge in business, is being held on Jan. 27 and interested students can register by Jan. 21. Individual scores are not made public, but students can use their scores to compare their business knowledge against their peers around the world.Additional details on all these events are found on CareerZone.Entrepreneurial students and recent graduates are reminded that applications for BioLinc’s Blueprint competition close on Friday, Jan. 22.This is the latest in the Good Morning Goodman series which updates the Goodman School of Business community weekly on important news and events.Produced by the Goodman Marketing and Communications team, the Good Morning Goodman podcast features weekly updates for students, staff and faculty. Podcasts are posted on the Goodman website. 0:29 – Recap of last week’s events1:38 – Instagram Takeover: Arusa Mithani1:51 – JDC Central3:29 – Business Hour: Franchising event4:55 – How to Get A Job in Sales & Marketing5:23 – Ernst & Young networking event5:53 – PwC Coffee Connect event6:06 – Blueprint applications close Friday6:39 – Goodman Graduate Business Council SAS training7:20 – ETS Major Field Test8:09 – Goodman student clubs hiring read more

first_imgVisitors will be able to hear the stories of the skilled people involved in the project  Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire, and his wife Amanda A special exhibition, called Chatsworth Renewed, will pay tribute to men like Mr Taylor, Mr Wright and Mr Walker, and the the craftsmanship that helped transforms raw materials into the jewel that is Chatsworth House today. The home’s Belvedere turrets and vast tracts of lead on the roof have also been repaired and restored, along with wood panelling, tapestries and flooring ahead of its re-opening on March 24.It was during this process that workmen discovered a plank in the South Sketch Gallery on which were carved, beneath layers of wallpaper, the names of three of the building’s original craftsmen, along with an account of the political battles of the day and their thoughts on the controversial Corn Laws, blamed by many for keeping the price of bread artificially high on behalf of the country’s landed gentry. One of the restored Mortlake Tapestries from the 1630s, based on Raphael’s cartoons of Acts of the Apostles One of the restored Mortlake Tapestries from the 1630s, based on Raphael's cartoons of Acts of the Apostles On the plank Mr John Taylor of Over Hodder, Mr Thomas Wright of Beeley and S Walker of Pilsley, carved the words:“Chatsworth August 26th 1841. Parliament met on the 19th The Queen Victoria would not honour the Tories with her presence. The weather is very unfavourable for the harvest. Flour is 3/6 per stone. Joiner’s wages are 24s to 27 per week. Labourer’s wages 12s. Parliament was dissolved this summer on account of the Whigs bringing forward a measure to appeal the present system of the Corn Laws. The election is over. The Tories the majority. Trade is very dull. Many out of employ and starving.”They end with an impassioned cry:“This winter will be a severe one. So down with the Tory rascals.”Another joiner, writing on the same plank some 40 years later about the 8th Duke, who was at that time leader of the Liberal Party, says:“God bless the Duke of Devonshire, the most liberal nobleman in the kingdom – he is now in his 51st year. May he live for ever for the sake of poor people.”Adam Clarke and Luke Thomas, the joiners who discovered the plank, have added their own inscription. The current, 12th Duke of Devonshire said: “The level of forensic research, expertise and craftsmanship applied by so many people has been absolutely inspiring. It has always been a thrilling moment to see the house come into view as you drive across the park and now that view has been made even more magical. With the years of blackened grime now removed from the stone, it looks truly magnificent.” Visitors will be able to have a go at weaving, feel the materials used in the house, including stone, wood, metals and wool; and examine part of the network of pipes and conduits that run behind the walls and underneath the floors.The restoration programme has involved most of the leading British conservation studios over the past decade.Although damaged by pollution in the 19th and 20th centuries, the extremely rare 54sq m Mortlake Tapestries from the 1630s, based on Raphael’s cartoons of Acts of the Apostles, have undergone significant cleaning and repair and will be hung together in the State Drawing Room. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Visitors will be able to hear the stories of the skilled people involved in the project Credit:Simon Watkinson It is the epitome of the British stately home, built to house and entertain the Devonshire family and their aristocratic friends over the centuries.But hidden within Chatsworth House’s resplendent interiors is a series of poignant messages, carved into the woodwork by the very men who built her, protesting at the bitter hardships endured by them and their familiesThe radical messages were only discovered some 170 years on, as part of a thorough 10-year repair programme which has seen the 17th century building stripped back to its bare walls, before being painstakingly restored at a cost of £32m.Weather damage and industrial pollution over hundreds of years meant cleaning and replacingmuch of the exterior stonework, with new stone brought in from the reopened quarry that provided the materials for the building of the North Wing in the 1820s by the 6th Duke of Devonshire. Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire, and his wife Amandalast_img read more

first_imgCoffey Mining, a global specialist consultancy company, is helping to find workable strategies to restore the Mbuji Mayi mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to its former glory, leaving the region’s history of conflict behind. It was once among the top producing diamond operations in the world but, ravaged by civil war, it is now a shadow of its former self. The DRC has historically produced around 10 Mct of mainly industrial diamonds each year since the 1960s, which were exported to the international marketplace. But production declined sharply after 2000 and then collapsed to less than 1 Mct in 2007. Dr Norman Lock, Senior Principal Consultant and Regional Manager for Coffey Mining in Canada, is overseeing the plan to restore the mine and rebuild the region’s ailing diamond industry. He said the challenges posed by the legacy of war, including displaced populations and pervasive poverty, would require holistic solutions that addressed not only operational issues but social and economic ones as well. Lock: “This is one of the world’s best known diamond mines and it has been in decline because of its political and economic history.“We are giving technical assistance to the financiers to help them in their decision of whether to fund this mine but we can’t develop just a technical solution alone. Any money poured into that would be like water in the sand. We also need to look at social issues in the region like poverty, which have contributed to the decline of the mine. About half of the actual productivity from the concession area has been legitimate legal mining. The other half has been illegal mining from artisanal mines. Any action to try and stop that is going to run up against tremendous resistance from the local community so this is an issue that will have to be addressed somehow.“The mine is also dramatically overstaffed. If this was a fully operational modern mine, it would have a complement of around 500 staff but it currently has over 5,000. Therein lies a problem. The local community is dependent on this mine and they are going to be laying off two to three thousand people.”He said part of the strategy for managing the mine in future would have to include plans to ensure the economic future of the local people. “A retrenchment program needs to look at ways of working with the local community to provide retraining for workers,” he said. “This is key to the long term success of the operation and the mine has been forced to recognise that reality.”On the technical front, Lock said the mine was faced with three main hurdles; inadequate documentation, poor environmental performance and aging infrastructure. He said the first task would be making some determination about the value of the concession, a task hampered by outdated record keeping. “Before you start spending money on a mine, you first have to establish whether the resource base is worth going after,” he said. “The mine concession contains 13 kimberlite pipes of varying sizes up to 25 ha so the indications are that high value deposits remain to be exploited. But the documentation of previous studies dates back to the early 1990s when records were kept on paper rather than electronically, so conducting a meaningful audit of years of paper records is a job of an order and magnitude that is probably impossible. It’s likely that we will have to carry out some further testing at the mine site so we can be entirely comfortable with the quality of the information we’re working with.”Dr Lock said the mine also needed to look at its environmental performance because when considering whether to grant funding, the banks were bound by the equator principles; a framework for banks to manage environmental and social issues in project financing. “The biggest issue is that when the mine asked for finance, it didn’t even know what the word environmental meant,” he said. “The mine has been operating in the same way it was back in the 1950s so they have some archaic practices in place. For example, basically the tailings are pumped straight into the river, which is a big no-no.“We are treating this as the first of the remedial actions that need to be taken and finance will only be approved subject to this work being undertaken. Fortunately the mine is embracing the process and moving ahead with it as quickly as possible.”He said the decrepit infrastructure at the mine would be the main item of expenditure at the outset. “There are huge infrastructure needs at the site; the geology needs to be cleaned up and it needs a new mining fleet and a completely new plant, which is going to cost a large amount of money,” Dr Lock said. “Several attempts to access funding for necessary production improvements have been made in the last few years but with very limited success due to the political history of the DRC, illegal mining and poor security leading to a downward spiral of falling production and revenue.“We are anticipating that a more holistic approach to managing the economic and social issues at the mine – as well as the technical ones – will increase the mine’s chances of success.”Dr Lock said the project was an exciting opportunity for Coffey Mining to make a difference to people’s lives in this recovering region, still suffering from the scars of war and economic crisis. “A lot of things have gone badly wrong in the local mining sector but there is now a restructuring opportunity and a will that goes beyond the wars and strife,” Dr Lock said.  “People want to bring this mine back into its former productivity in a way that benefits the community. This links up to Coffey’s broad vision for solving emerging challenges to improve the lives of communities. If we can help them find a way to achieve this, it will be a really good news story for us to talk about for some time to come.”last_img read more

first_imgNuage de cendres : pas de pollution majeure à craindre en FranceFrance – La secrétaire d’État à l’Écologie Chantal Jouanno a assuré que le nuage de cendres émis par le volcan islandais Eyjafjöll n’avait engendré aucun “phénomène de pollution majeure” dans l’Hexagone.L’éruption du volcan islandais a paralysé le trafic aérien pendant des jours, mais Chantal Jouanno s’est voulu très rassurante concernant la pollution engendrée par le nuage de cendres dans le ciel français.Les chiffres montrent, “avec toute la prudence nécessaire, que l’augmentation de la pollution aux particules liée spécifiquement au volcan serait de l’ordre de 10% sur Rouen, et de 30% à Strasbourg”, a précisé la secrétaire d’État. Et d’ajouter que, d’après les résultats des analyses réalisées par l’Institut national de l’environnement industriel et des risques (Ineris), il n’y a “pas eu de phénomène de pollution majeure liée au volcan” en France.L’Ineris a en effet récupéré les filtres à particules atmosphériques de dix des 300 stations de surveillance de la qualité de l’air qu’elle utilise. Ces derniers ont révélé, en Île-de-France, une concentration de particules en deçà des 80-90 microgrammes par mètre cube d’air. En Alsace et en Champagne-Ardennes, la concentration a légèrement dépassé les 90 microgrammes. Or, comme le souligne Chantal Jouanno, est considérée comme “pollution majeure” une concentration de particules supérieure à 125 µg/m3 d’air.Il y a quelques jours déjà, l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) avait assuré que les particules présentes dans le nuage de cendres ne présentaient pas de risque pour la santé. Le 26 avril 2010 à 10:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgApple : l’iPad 3 pourrait afficher en 2048 par 1536 pixels !L’iPad 3 sera vraisemblablement une tablette à très haute résolution. Elle tolèrerait en effet un affichage en 2048 par 1536 pixels. Apple conserverait donc de nouveau une belle longueur d’avance sur la concurrence !L’iPad 3, qui devrait être dévoilé le 7 mars, pourrait être doté d’un écran très haute résolution. Selon MacRumors, la densité de pixels de l’iPad 3 serait 4 fois plus importante que celle de l’iPad 2. L’écran de l’iPad 3 possèdera pourtant la même diagonale que son prédécesseur : 9.7 pouces (25 cm).À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?La résolution de l’iPad 3 pourrait être en effet de 2048 par 1536 pixels. Il serait par ailleurs plus fin que l’iPad 2 grâce au rétro-éclairage à LED. Le GPU de l’iPad de 3e génération sera bien évidemment supérieur à l’iPad 2 pour supporter une telle résolution. Mais nous ignorons pour l’instant les caractéristiques de celui-ci. La très haute résolution devrait peu à peu devenir la norme sur tablettes et smartphones car en effet, Samsung avait annoncé une résolution de 1280 par 800 pixels sur l’écran 5,3 pouces sur le Galaxy Note. Comme annoncé, le terminal sera bien pourvu du dernier processeur Apple : l’A6. Il s’agira d’une puce double cœur à architecture Cortex-A15 ou alors un quadruple cœur à architecture Cortex-15.Le 21 février 2012 à 09:10 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgComment la reine des abeilles décide du futur rôle de ses sujetsDes chercheurs suisses suggèrent que chez les abeilles de l’espèce Halicte scabiosae, la reine crée des couvées, soit de travailleuses, soit de reproductrices, en jouant sur les rations alimentaires qu’elle leur attribue.Chez beaucoup d’espèces d’abeilles, chacun a un rôle bien établi : femelle ouvrière, femelle reproductrice ou mâle reproducteur – une organisation dite eusociale, où certains individus sont stériles : les travailleuses. Cependant, chez l’espèce Halicte scabiosae, ces dernières restent fécondes, et se reproduisent à l’occasion. Comment, dans ces conditions, la reine peut-elle en faire de bonnes ouvrières, dévouées et disciplinées ? En les rendant, par limitation de leurs rations alimentaires, suffisamment chétives pour être dominées, répondent des chercheurs de l’Université de Lausanne. Pour arriver à une telle conclusion, les scientifiques ont observé que la reine, après avoir survécu à l’hiver et fondé un nouveau nid au printemps, produit une première génération qui donnera essentiellement des femelles travailleuses de petite taille. Puis ces dernières l’aideront à élever la prochaine génération, composée de reproducteurs (mâles et femelles) plus grands que les ouvrières. Via des mesures précises, les chercheurs ont constaté que la quantité totale de pollen et de nectar fournie à la première couvée (les futures ouvrières) était significativement plus faible que celle fournie à la deuxième couvée – qui reçoit 1,4 fois plus de nourriture. C’est donc de cette différence d’alimentation que proviendrait les variations de taille observées.Une taille inchangée malgré des conditions météo variablesÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?”Bien qu’il soit difficile de faire la distinction entre manipulation parentale et disponibilité ou acquisition des ressources (qui dépendent de la végétation, des conditions météorologiques, des variations saisonnières, du nombre de butineuses, etc.), le fait que nous ayons pu observer que la taille du corps des femelles de la première couvée est restée constante malgré des différences de météo marquées, renforce notre argument selon lequel les fondatrices [ou reines] restreignent la nourriture de leurs filles pour les amener à un rôle de travailleuse”, a souligné le Dr Michel Chapuisat, qui a participé à l’étude publiée dans la revue Frontiers in Zoology.(crédits photo : Alain C. – Flickr) Le 16 décembre 2012 à 09:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgThe 2016 to 2018 electoral cycle is now over. 886578 are registered as voters. Supplementary registration of voters did not take place under the new dispensation. Hence many young people who are now 18 have not had the opportunity to exercise their right to be registered as voters. Electoral reform is absolutely essential and general registration should follow the electoral reform so that the nation would have a proper register of voters. The results of the mayoral/chairpersonship elections have been revealed but as we go to press, we are yet to receive the official version of the IEC.Out of 199,950 voters in the KM only 67,255 voters participated. 132,695 did not participate. Out of the 67,255 that voted, 29,325 voted for the UDP and 37,930 voted for other candidates.In Banjul, there are 22,731 registered voters, 10,766 voted while 11,965 did not vote. Out of 10,766 that voted, 2836 voted for UDP while 7930 voted for other candidates.In Brikama Area Council, 67,500 voted out of a total of 281,115 registered voters, while 213,615 did not vote. Out of the 67,500 that voted 32,698 voted for UDP while 34,802 voted for other candidates.In Kerewan Area Council, there are 101,717 registered votes, out of which 32,806 voted while 68,911 did not vote. Out of the 32,806 that voted, 16,486 voted for the UDP while 16,320 voted for other candidates.In the Mansa Konko Area Council, the number of registered voters is 49,198 and out of these only 14,993 voted. 34,205 did not vote. Out of the 14,993 that voted, 10,882 voted for UDP while 4111 voted for GDC.In the Janjangbureh Area Council 19,594 registered voters voted. Out of the 19,594 that voted, 9145 voted for the UDP while 9,936 voted for other candidates.In the Kuntaur Area Council only 17,166 registered voters voted and out of these 6265 voted for the UDP while 10,901 voted for the other candidates.In the Basse Area Council there are 115,185 registered voters and 27,426 participated in the election. Out of the 27,426 that voted, 14,109 voted for UDP while 13,317 voted for other candidates.This reflects very poor turnout by voters. What is responsible for the voter apathy? Would it have been different had the councillorship and mayoral/chairpersonship elections been held together? Do people feel that the outcome would not be different even if they had voted? The lack of participation by the majority of voters is a real threat to democracy in The Gambia. Hence maximum effort should be made to address the problem of voter apathy in the next electoral cycle.Once people lose faith in the electoral system, assumption of office and removal from office through the ballot box will be elusive. That will undermine democracy and all the gains of 2 December 2016.last_img read more

first_imgFormer England striker Alan Shearer has pinpointed Paul Pogba as the man Chelsea need to stop in tonight’s FA Cup fifth-round tie.Pogba has been in outstanding form since the reign of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, netting eight goals and contributing five assists in 11 games across all competitions.However, the World Cup winner received his marching orders in United’s 2-0 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League last week.But the Newcastle legend believes the Blues can emulate the blueprint of PSG by stopping Pogba from calling the shots if they want to secure a win.The match continues a decisive run of fixtures for Maurizio Sarri’s side, who face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final next weekend, and Shearer has identified N’Golo Kante as the ideal man to stop Pogba at Stamford Bridge tonight.“PSG showed last Tuesday how you can beat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. And we know Chelsea have the ability to play like PSG – it’s just whether they want to.“The French side nullified United by getting Marquinhos to sit on Paul Pogba. That stopped him playing and dictating the pace of the game.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“So if Chelsea can stop Pogba, they will have a very good chance of winning. He told Football London.The news you’ve been waiting for — tonight’s #MUFC team to face Chelsea in the #EmiratesFACup! 👇— Manchester United (@ManUtd) February 18, 2019“And that means the battle between N’Golo Kante and his France team-mate is going to be crucial to the outcome of the game.”United are without Martial and Lingard for the tie and would be hoping to see the best of Sanchez as they bid to return to winning ways.last_img read more

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Mr. Williams, who is namesake of popular airport eatery, Gilley’s Café was airlifted by early afternoon. Police confirm that they did not arrest anyone for this attack on former Cheshire Hall Member of Parliament, Galmo Williams.  #MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, February 6, 2017 – The kind of bullet that hit Galmo Williams in his left leg is military type and reports are that its effect on ‘Gilley’s’ leg forced the medical decision to airlift the former Premier.   Williams was last night robbed by three armed and masked men shortly before 11pm in the Grace Bay area; he cooperated and gave the assailants his wallet but they still shot him in the leg.  ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Recommended for you Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp While Mr. Williams, a former PNP Government Minister and prominent businessman is in good condition, Magnetic Media is told that the bullet, a hollow bullet did significant damaged to Gilley’s kneecap.  last_img read more

first_img Ashlie Rodriguez, KUSI Newsroom, Ashlie Rodriguez, KUSI Newsroom Updated: 10:53 PM August 14, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – If you’ve been shocked recently by your SDG&E bill, you’re not alone.We’ve gotten numerous calls from angry customers complaining about their costly bills.SDG&E follows state mandated rules which went into effect last November.Customers may not not have realized there are three tiers of payment on a standard SDG&E plan. Posted: August 14, 2018 Tier one: 0-to-374 kilowatts of energy used = $0.27/kilowatt.Tier two: 375-to-1152 kilowatts of energy used = $0.48/kilowattTier three: 1153 kilowatts and more is considered “high usage,” which is $0.55/kilowatt.SDG&E wants to remind people- they aren’t price gouging you; they’re following state rules. The utility company also encourages people to sign up for alerts, notifying them when they are about to enter into high-usage territory. It also offers other energy plans, they don’t follow the tiers but instead, the time of day a customer uses energy, which may save the customer money.If you were really shocked by your recent bill, SDG&E also has a bill assistance program to help out. SDG&E Tier System Breakdown Categories: California News, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

first_imgVancouver-based take-and-bake pizza chain Papa Murphy’s International has filed an initial public stock offering to raise up to $70 million, according to a Tuesday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined.Papa Murphy’s Holdings Inc. has applied for the ticker symbol “FRSH,” according to the filing.As of Dec. 30, the chain had 1,418 stores system wide, including 1,349 franchise stores and 69 stores owned by the company. The stores on average generated positive sales growth in 35 out of 40 quarters through 2013, according to the regulatory filing. That translated to $80.5 million in total revenue for fiscal year 2013, up from $66.9 million in 2012. Those revenues were divided almost equally between company-owned and franchised stores.The filing says Lee Equity Partners owns 65 percent of the outstanding capital stock in the company. The New York-based company purchased those shares from majority owner Charlesbank Capital Partners for an undisclosed price in 2010. The filing doesn’t say whether Lee Equity or two other investors that own more than 5 percent of the company will be selling any shares of the company. Investors in the company in October received $31.5 million in dividends in addition to $36 million the previous year.Papa Murphy’s was launched in 1995 with a merger between take-and-bake concepts Hillsboro, Ore.-based Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza, started in Petaluma, Calif. Papa Murphy’s operates 142 stores in Washington and 96 stores in Oregon.last_img read more

first_imgOnline IT media company TechTarget today announced its fourth quarter and year-end 2007 financial results, reporting total revenues at $94.7 million, up 20 percent over $79 million in 2006. The company’s fourth quarter revenues reached $28.4 million, an increase of 23 percent over the same period in 2006.Online revenues, which represent 67 percent of the company’s overall revenues, increased 24 percent to $63.7 million.During this afternoon’s earnings call, TechTarget chairman and CEO Greg Strakosch noted the company’s main focus during the quarter was its November purchase of IT search resource KnowledgeStorm for $58 million. “We’re confident that this acquisition has expanded our competitive lead and allows us to further scale the business,” he said.TechTarget’s net income was $8.2 million in 2007, representing an increase of 14 percent over 2006. Its fourth quarter net revenue remained flat at $2.8 million. The company’s adjusted year-end EBITDA was $24.6 million, up 24 percent over 2006. Its fourth quarter EBITDA increased by 13 percent to $8.4 million, compared to $7.4 million during the fourth quarter of 2006.TechTarget plans to reinstate a number of its filings as a result of company overstatements of its provision for income taxes in 2007, resulting in increases in net income of $534,000 and $290,000 for the quarters ended June 30, 2007 and September 20, 2007 respectively.last_img read more

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The public is invited to the Wilmington Senior Center’s 5th Annual “Wilmington Has Talent,” an afternoon of music and dance featuring Wilmington seniors, on Sunday, April 29, from 2pm to 4pm, in the Wilmington High School Auditorium (159 Church Street).Tickets cost $7 and are available at the Wilmington Senior Center and at the door. All proceeds from the show will benefit the Senior Center’s Wilmington High School Scholarship Fund.The event is organized under the direction of Wilmington senior Audrey Reed.(NOTE: The above information is from the latest Wilmington Senior Center newsletter.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook.  Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE.  Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSENIOR CENTER SPOTLIGHT: Senior Center To Hold Trip To Vermont Country Store & Green Mountains On October 8In “Community”Wilmington Senior Center To Hold Pasta & Meatball Dinner With Live Music On August 12In “Community”SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: Wilmington High’s New 4-Week Senior Internship Program Is A SuccessIn “Education”last_img read more

first_imgAlaskans working to sign people up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act say they’re seeing a big increase in enrollments this month. Groups like the United Way and Enroll Alaska made the announcement at a press conference today in Anchorage. The boost comes as the March 31st open enrollment deadline approaches. Anyone who doesn’t have health insurance by that date will pay a penalty unless they qualify for an exemption.Download AudioIn all of February, Enroll Alaska signed up a little more than 200 people for health insurance. In just the first week of March, they enrolled nearly that same number. Chief Operating Officer Tyann Boling is excited to see the pace picking up:“We couldn’t be happier with how things have gone this month. It has been an incredible busy month for us and we see we’re going to have our largest enrollment month yet.”Boling says the six month open enrollment period has not been easy. The healthcare.gov website was barely functional the first two months it was live. Boling says groups like hers lost momentum in those months that they may never recover. But she says it’s human nature to procrastinate and Enroll Alaska has the resources to help anyone who still wants to sign up:“You know people will say, ‘I can wait another couple of weeks.’ And then they’re like, ‘oh my gosh, I need to make this happen.’ So some people were right there at October 1st and standing at our door at 7am and then there’s people waiting until right now to get through the door. However they get there… we just want them to get enrolled.”And not everyone signing up this month is procrastinating. Susan Johnson is regional Director of the Health and Human Services Department. She says some people are still finding out about the benefits of the law. Johnson met a woman in Spokane recently who donated a kidney to her brother three decades ago and assumed she would be permanently excluded from health insurance because of her pre-existing condition:“If you’ve been locked out, kept out, the door closed to you for over 30 years because you gave life to a family member, it’s hard to get your head around the fact that suddenly that door is open. It’s unbelievable. And that’s the power of this law.”By the end of February, more than 6,500 Alaskans had signed up for health insurance on healthcare.gov. Johnson is pleased with those numbers. She says Alaska is not an easy place to do outreach work on a complicated new law:“Using an Olympic metaphor, you’re doing a triple salchow with a wind of 70 miles per hour and the lights just went off and you’re still hoping to land that. So you have a huge degree of difficulty, we know that- no roads, often no electricity, no easy communication, off the grid with the computer.”The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has been doing Affordable Care Act outreach events in rural areas of the state. Alaska Natives can file for an exemption from the individual mandate to buy insurance, because they qualify for healthcare from the Indian Health Service. But ANTHC’s Valerie Davidson says the organization is hoping some Alaska Natives will see the benefit to having insurance too, and may qualify for a substantial subsidy to help pay for it. She wants everyone to feel welcome asking questions about the law:“Maybe English isn’t your first language-canrituq-it’s OK! Come on over anyway, we have people who will speak to you in any language you’re comfortable with so come on-taringan- we’ll understand.”Open Enrollment closes for most Americans on March 31st and will reopen again on November 15th. But Alaska Natives and American Indians can continue signing up for insurance on the exchange all year long.This story is part of a partnership between APRN, NPR and Kaiser Health News.last_img read more

first_imgMoller Field re-opened in 2012 after a $2.6-million renovation. (KCAW photo)The Sitka School District has reached a settlement in a gender equity dispute over the community’s new ball field.Download AudioThe resolution means that high school baseball and softball will have to arrive at an equitable practice and game schedule at the city-owned field — a goal which has been difficult to achieve so far.Superintendent Mary Wegner informed the school board Tuesday night (11-4-14) that an agreement had been signed with the individual who filed the complaint under a federal anti-discrimination statute commonly known as Title IX.“The settlement proposed by the complainant was something that was very realistic, and something that will help us move our initiative forward in sharing Moller Field.”The agreement was drafted by the federal Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights under the “Early Complaint Resolution” process. The agreement averts further investigation into gender equity in Sitka’s schools. District officials feared that a full-blown Title IX investigation would put several relatively recent programs at risk, such as football and soccer.The agreement itself is only three paragraphs. It requires the district to develop a plan this fall for scheduling varsity baseball and softball teams for the 2015 season. The district must reaffirm its responsibility to ensure that both genders receive “equivalent benefits with respect to practice and game facilities,” and finally, the agreement does not constitute an admission of any violation of Title IX by the district, and the complaint is officially withdrawn.“You know I’m really excited to see this,” says softball coach Bob Potrzuski. “Practice facilities, times of practice. Where one team is using the facility, it’s going to be on an equal basis with the other, and I think that’s exactly what we wanted.”Moller Field opened in 2012 after a $2.6-million dollar renovation, including artificial turf and lights. Baseball, which historically played there, claimed the new field, though accommodations — such as a removeable pitcher’s mound and temporary outfield fence — were provided for softball games.And a final twist: Moller Field doesn’t belong to the district. It’s owned by the city. Potrzuski says that created a grey area of scheduling that the Office of Civil Rights resolution has fixed.“What it’s done is asserted the school district’s authority to assign Moller Field to high school teams.”The OCR resolution specifies that the city’s Parks and Recreation participate — if needed — in the scheduling process developed for the spring season.Sitka’s municipal government has already weighed in on the problem: It’s proposed asking the legislature for $1.5-million in renovations to the Frank Vilandre Field at Blatchley Middle School, so that it can be used for softball and Little League.Superintendent Mary Wegner said the softball funding request was still on the table. And coach Potrzuski — though perfectly content with the OCR settlement — wouldn’t say no to a new field either.“If the community can bear it, if the state can bear it, if this is something that certainly people bigger than me think that they can provide for our kids — I’m all for it.”Potrzuski has consistently advocated for equity for his team, but did not file the Title IX complaint. That individual’s name will remain confidential. However, had the parties not arrived at an early resolution, the complainant would have been required to come forward  in the public process associated with a Title IX investigation.last_img read more

first_imgKGF 2 was formally launched in Bengaluru.PR HandoutRocking Star Yash and Srinidhi Shetty’s KGF 2 was launched on Wednesday, 13 March, with a customary pooja held in two temples (Panchamukhi Ganapathi Temple and Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple in Bengaluru. [Crawl down to see the pictures]Director Prashanth Neel’s mother Bharathi Subash switched on the camera, while producer Vijay Kiragandur’s brother Manjanna tapped the clap for the first scene. Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, director Prashanth Neel and other cast-crew attended the launch event. The regular shooting is likely to begin in April. KGF 2 is expected to mark the debut of a couple of well-known stars in Sandalwood. Notably, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is rumoured to be making his Sandalwood debut with KGF 2. Raveena Tandon, who had made her debut with Real Star Upendra’s controversial movie Upendra,  is in talks to play a key role in the multilingual movie.A formal announcement about the new additions into the cast will be made, soon. After four years of hard work, the first part of KGF was released on February 21 in 2018 to a gigantic hype in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The movie saw the light of the day in 350 screens in Karnataka.The movie went on the make a record-breaking business at the box office and became the first Kannada film to hit a century in its home territory of Karnataka.  1/4 Hombale Films’ produced KGF 2 launched.PR HandoutActor Yash, producer Vijay Kiragandur and director Prashanth Neel at KGF 2 LaunchPR HandoutThe KGF 2 team at the movie launch event in Bengaluru.PR HandoutSrinidhi Shetty at the muhurat function of KGF 2.PR HandoutPreviousNextKGF is a period drama centred around Rocky Bhai (Yash), who dreams to become the most powerful man in the world. The Prashanth Neel-directed movie had Srinidhi Shetty playing the female lead.The movie has Ravi Basrur’s music, Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography and Shivakumar’s art work.last_img read more

first_imgUnrealistic expectations caused the Tennessee coaching disasterSince yanking the rug out from under Greg Schiano in reaction to an angry fan base, Tennessee has been rejected by a number of coaches, and the search has turned turned into a dumpster fire.Colin thinks Vols fans had unrealistic expectations about landing Jon Gruden have led to the discontent among fans, who are unwilling to readily accept a lower profile coach. With their treatment of Schiano, the fan base has now made this job toxic for any big name, and it’s hard to have sympathy for them. Eli Manning’s consecutive games streak isn’t a reason to keep starting himAfter his benching by the Giants, many defenders of Eli Manning argued that his 210 consecutive starts should have been taken into account as a representation of his dedication to the franchise.Colin disagrees, and thinks that Manning’s consistency in playing every week doesn’t outweigh the reality that he’s been playing poorly for years. Even though Eli was consistent in showing up every week, his play has been inconsistent. Benching him was the right move for the organization, even if it was unpopular with some.Guests:Stephen Jackson – NBA Analyst and NBa Champion is in-studio discussing the Thunder’s struggles; why he respects LeBron; and why he was impressed with Lonzo against the Warriors.Greg Cosell – Films Senior Producer joins the show to look at the film on Dak Prescott’s struggles; why Alvin Kamara may be the best dual threat running back in the NFL right now;Mark Schlereth – FS1 Analyst and Fox NFL Commentator is in-studio talking about a potential Aaron Rodgers return; why Aaron Rodgers injury shows how much he carries the franchise;Bucky Brooks – NFL Analyst and former NFL scout is in-studio to discuss if the Redskins should re-sign Kirk Cousins; and thoughts on Eli’s benching in New York.last_img read more

first_imgMexico City, Mexico — The former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, has been sentenced to nine years in prison for money laundering and criminal association.Javier Duarte de Ochoa was sentenced by federal judge Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia Wednesday night to serve nine years in prison and pay a fine of 58,890 peso after pleading guilty to money laundering and criminal association.Duarte de Ochoa plead guilty to diverting resources from the Veracruz government through front companies. The light sentence comes after defense requested an abbreviated process for which the former governor of Veracruz pleads guilty in exchange for a minimum sentence.The Attorney General’s Office requested that, along with the prison sentence, 41 properties be confiscated from the former governor.He will serve his nine years beginning April 15 of 2017 when he was taken into custody and remain in prison until 2026.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more